October 2015


The Smart Dubai Roadmap is a dynamic catalogue which will in its final stage be a comprehensive directory of all current and planned smart initiatives and services from government and private sector entities. A first milestone of the Roadmap will be in 2017 when Smart Dubai aims to deliver 100 smart initiatives and 1000 smart services city-wide.

Within the first listing in 2015, 200 smart services, and 345 smart initiatives were identified by eight government entities. Many of these initiatives and services will be launched within 2016. They are expected to mark the beginning of rapid implementation uptake

The next step of the Roadmap will be to open up to the private sector in Dubai, in order to enlist and broadcast more smart initiatives and services implemented and planned within the city. In doing so the Roadmap will culminate in a clear set of initiatives and services for city-wide implementation. In creating the Roadmap as a published reference guide for all governmental and non-governmental sector, Smart Dubai expects the smart contributions from all entities, government, public and private sector, to increase exponentially

* A roadmap is a document combining long-term and short-term objectives. In its role it specifies ideas and solutions which can be implemented to support successful delivery of the objectives