March 2015

Dubai Smart Cities Forum - SESSION 5: OPEN DATA

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The 5th session of Dubai Smart Cities forum, titled ‘Open Data’, aimed to address the significant role that open data has to play in developing all aspects of a smart city, and ways open data can be utilized to its full potential for the benefit of Dubai.

Joy Bonaguro, Chief Data Officer of the city of San Francisco, advised examining San Francisco’s use of open data for the management of city infrastructure as a case study to learn how best to utilize open data to its full potential in Dubai. He elaborated that open data portals allow for a city’s infrastructure to be predominantly data driven, and hence, able to support research and analysis, performance dashboards, program assessments and web and mobile applications. These services would, in turn, be able to produce outcomes such as: increased quality of life, efficient city services, better and more useful decisions being made and lastly, the creation of new businesses.

Abdulla Ali Al Madani, CEO of Corporate Technology Support Services at RTA laid out that Dubai Data Strategy’s predominant purpose is to provide integrated data to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of services, enrich opportunities for innovation, and to support decision-making in the government sector, private sector and individuals.