June 2014

Dubai Smart Cities Forum - Session 1: Smart Cities from Vision to Reality

Image Source: http://www.mbrsg.ae/HOME/Events-and-Lectures/Dubai-Smart-Cities-Forum/Smart-Cities-from-Vision-to-Reality.aspx

The 1st Session of Dubai Smart Cities Forum, titled ‘Smart Cities from Vision to Reality’ set out to discuss the broad overall strategy, barriers and enablers that would allow Dubai to successfully transform into a Smart City.

According to Rashik Parmar, president of IBM Academy of technology, there are 7 steps to transforming Dubai into a Smart City.
1) Define what a “smart city” means for Dubai and a value defined purpose for becoming a smart city.
2) Establish governance and a credible decision making process
3) Draw on the available resources and expertise of government and private entities, and involve them in this city-wide project that will benefit all
4) Establish the policy framework
5) Populate an executable roadmap that can deliver the vision
6) Put the financing in place
7) Enable communities and engage the public so Dubai can make smart tech growth self-sustained

On the other hand, barriers include:
1) Lack of access and sharing of real information
2) Inability to create and execute multi-entity projects
3) Inability to change behavior of citizens and organizations
4) Policies do not encourage innovation
5) Policies not keeping pace with transformation agenda

Finally, HE Ahmed Bin Byat, CEO of Dubai Holding, concluded that the capabilities, finance and motivation to transform Dubai into a Smart City exists here, and is confident that Dubai will create a global blueprint for smart city transformation.