December 2015

Smart Dubai Highlights Focus on Health During UAE eHealthWeek

Smart Dubai joined the national conversation on the future of health services for the UAE at the inaugural UAE eHealth Week this December. As a core focus area within its Smart Living Dimension, Smart Dubai and Strategic Partner Dubai Health Authority are actively enabling smart services contributing to happy living for all.

Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai Office, spoke with delegates to the inaugural forum, highlighting the accomplishments of Dubai Healthy Authority and emphasising the need for continued partnerships across the health sector to achieve Dubai’s smart city vision.

Read the full text of Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr’s speech, Health is the Foundation of Happiness below:

Health is the Foundation of Happiness

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to speak with you today during this important forum.

As we have learned this week from the Internet of Things World Forum in Dubai and the UAE eHealth Week in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Healthcare is at a momentous juncture globally, as new smart technologies are radically changing how doctors and healthcare professionals prevent, diagnose, treat, and care for patients: reshaping the healthcare landscape and improving lives.

As city leaders, we must coordinate across sectors to ensure these profound new technologies are available to our residents.

As the leaders of Dubai’s smart city transformation, our mission is to create happiness by embracing technology innovation, such as those reshaping the healthcare industry, to make Dubai more seamless, safe, efficient and impactful for all residents and visitors.

Building on our rich tradition of leading economic opportunity and quality of life, Smart Dubai seeks to become a global benchmark for Smart Economy and Smart Living, with healthcare as a key focus.

Our ultimate goal is to promote people’s happiness — and we acknowledge that health is the first, and most fundamental requirement for happiness.

As a strategic partner of Smart Dubai, Dubai Health Authority has been a valuable contributor to our smart city vision. The Authority has demonstrated exceptional leadership and we are already seeing impact for residents and visitors.

Dubai Health Authority has contributed over 40 smart health initiatives and services to the first phase of the Smart Dubai Roadmap, and many of these services are already available to the public, including:

The Dubai Doctors app, allowing residents and visitors to instantly find the closest doctor in a medical emergency.

The Smart Patient Bed with built-in sensors to scan patients’ vital signs, and relay information to doctors and nurses, so that patients can rest more comfortably and get better faster.

And this October, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Smart Government demonstrated the Smart Home, a revolutionary application of smart health technology that uses a network of smart sensors to monitor health information, including prescription reminders, so our loved ones can live safely in the comfort of their own homes.

Throughout the city, Smart technology innovations are increasing opportunities and improving quality of life across the healthcare ecosystem — from patients and parents to doctors and nurses, to medical students and researchers, to business owners and entrepreneurs.

In October of this year, His Highness announced the Dubai Data Law, forming the framework to regulate the opening and sharing of city data from both the public and private sector.
Dubai Data will open new opportunities and contribute to enhanced healthcare experiences for everyone. For example:

For a mother choosing which hospital to deliver her baby;
for a doctor researching new best practices on a treatment technique;
for a nurse to quickly access patient details in an emergency situation;
for a student researching new medicines to treat cancer;
and even for an inventor developing a robotic surgical arm…

The Dubai Health Authority is working with our strategic partners to open and share data to inspire initiatives supporting people’s health by all city stakeholders.

The subject of my talk today was, ‘Smart Health — Are We There Yet?’ But you know, as His Highness tells us, in the pursuit of excellence there is no finish line.

We have accomplished much already in the pursuit of smart health solutions, however we have work ahead of us if we are to make Dubai a world-class benchmark for Smart Living.

Smart Dubai champions a collaborative approach to the smart city transformation, and recognises the valuable role of public and private sector partnerships to our mission.

It is my hope that the connections and insights from this inaugural UAE eHealth Week will lead to long-term partnerships and innovations for health, for all residents and visitors to the UAE.

In our vision of happiness, health is at the foundation.

Thank you.