December 2015

His Excellency Ahmad Bin Byat Opens Internet of Things World Forum 2015

His Excellency Ahmad bin Byat, Chairman of Smart Dubai, opened the third annual Internet of Things World Forum (#IOTWF2015) with a call to delegates to work together towards empowering people’s happiness through innovations in digital connections.

Read the full text of His Excellency Ahmad bin Byat’s welcoming speech, Connections Powering Happiness below:

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to welcome you to Dubai and to the 2015 Internet of Things World Forum.

We are gathered here as decision makers, thought leaders and global citizens to discuss and learn from our peers the revolutionary impact of the Internet of Things on our cities and communities.

The Internet of Things is a powerful technology solution bringing an unprecedented opportunity for city leaders, here and across the globe, to exponentially better the provision of services to residents and visitors.

The Internet of Things technology delivers solutions to make life easier by enabling decisions to be made faster; resources to be used more efficiently; infrastructure to be more seamless; and people and data more secure.

The Internet of Things is technology in the background that enables a businesswoman to recognise a new area of opportunity for her company; a tourist to be able to choose the more scenic route, rather than the most direct route to a destination; and a father to spend extra time over breakfast with his children.

Experts estimate that by 2020, approximately half of the world’s population will have network access, and there will be 50 billion physical objects connected to the Internet.

The 50 billion digital connections within the Internet of Things will power something invaluable: human connections - leading to enhanced quality of life and improved opportunities for all.

Dubai is at a juncture where the emergence of Internet of Things technology and urgent, citywide infrastructure projects mean that IOT connections will be baked into the city, from the ground up.

For the past two decades, Dubai has pioneered world-class infrastructure to drive global competitiveness while valuing customer satisfaction at the core of all government services.

Dubai will be the host city of the World Expo 2020, welcoming an additional 25 million visitors to our city: our city infrastructure and services must be ready to welcome and accommodate our future guests. Smart city technology and the Internet of Things are embedded into the citywide blueprint for 2020.

This transformation is being guided by Smart Dubai, a landmark government initiative, focusing on people’s happiness, not technology innovation, as its core objective.

Established under the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, Smart Dubai is charged with overseeing the citywide transformation of Dubai to a global benchmark smart city by 2017, by embracing technology innovation to make city experiences more seamless, safe, efficient and impactful for all residents and visitors.

To accomplish its goals, Smart Dubai focuses its efforts across six citywide dimensions, spanning all city sectors and fostering economic opportunity and improving quality of life for all.

Smart Dubai provides a blueprint to smart city transformation for all city stakeholders, with the Internet of Things at its heart, enabling more seamless and efficient city experiences.

Our mission is urgent and we are not waiting. Over the past year, Smart Dubai, together with our partners, has already been laying the groundwork to accomplish our mandate.

In October of this year, His Highness announced the Dubai Data Law, forming the framework to regulate the opening and sharing of city data from both the public and private sector.

Data orchestration is a crucial component to successful Internet of Things implementation and our leading strategic partners are already laying the groundwork for what will be the most comprehensive and ambitious data initiative.

Our aim is not to collect the most data, but to drive the most value from data, creating new opportunities and improved experiences for all residents and visitors.

Elsewhere across the city, our partners in the public and private sector have been implementing Internet of Things initiatives, including:

The Smart Grid by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, with its first initiative, ‘Shams Dubai,’ enabling residents to install solar panels on homes and buildings, and connect to the city grid.

Smart Street Lights by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, to provide safe lighting; reduce energy consumption; and relay local data, part of the district’s Internet of Things network.

And the Data Virtualisation Platform by Dubai Design District, recently awarded to CISCO for implementation, which will include the CISCO Smart and Connected City Infrastructure Management layer.

We do not undertake this effort for ourselves only, but also with the goal that Dubai will become a global benchmark for smart city transformation, and a leader in IOT implementation, for the emerging world.

A recent report from CISCO and the Government of Dubai has affirmed an AED 17.9 Billion opportunity for the public and private sector adapting Internet of Everything technology by 2020. We are committed to delivering value for the public and private sector, and individuals, to meet this opportunity.

Adopting smart technology powered by the Internet of Things, we will deliver 100 smart initiatives and 1000 smart services to Dubai residents and visitors over the next three years.

Dubai seeks to become a benchmark for Internet of Things implementation and smart city transformation for the emerging world, becoming a blueprint for strategy, approach, and impact; creating new opportunities for global competitiveness.

Smart Dubai champions a collaborative approach to smart city transformation, and we acknowledge the smart city vision is not possible without strong partnerships across all sectors.

We are collaborating with our partners in the public, private and academic sectors, both locally and internationally, to learn, work and share with our peers to accomplish our vision.

Image Source: @OmanObserver

We are honoured to be the host city of the 2015 Internet of Things World Forum and welcome each of you to Dubai.

This Forum will present a multitude of opportunities for learning and partnerships among all city stakeholders — decision makers, thought leaders and citizens who are shaping the global future of city experiences.

Together, we can realise the value of the Internet of Things — empowering human connections to enhance quality of life for all. We look forward to learning from each of you.

Thank you.

Dubai was selected as host city of the World Forum in December 2014 by unanimous agreement of a panel of industry leaders. The Internet of Things World Forum is hosted by CISCO and attracted thousands of thought leaders, government officials, industry titans and entrepreneurs to the three-day event at Dubai World Trade Center.