October 2017

GITEX 2017: Smart Dubai Hosts ‘Happiness Hill, Introduces Audience to Advanced Happiness Initiatives

The “Happiness Hill” initiative showcased various methods and strategies to boost happiness during a series of talks and workshops it organised in Smart Dubai’s pavilion at GITEX Technology Week 2017, which is taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre on October 8-12.

The event allowed Happiness and Positivity Champions from various government and non-government bodies to familiarise themselves with the latest innovations that help spread happiness, in addition to offering them a platform to share their thoughts and experiences.

Happiness Hill organised a lecture and workshop about “Corporate Happiness” and its frameworks and strategies, featuring Scott Druck, CEO of Oxford Strategic Consulting, as well as a session titled “Conscious Happiness”, conducted by Dr Mansoor Habib, Family Medicine Consultant and Senior Director of Employee Happiness at du, and another lecture titled “Employee’s Journey Towards Happiness”.

Moreover, Dr Bassam Mahboub, Head of Innovation at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), conducted a session titled “How Technology Can Make Patients Happier”, while Dr Ali Singel, Head of Dubai Police Medical Centre, led a lecture named “Reality of Life”. In addition to that, Dr Mansoor Habib gave another lecture exploring the question: “What Do Patients Want?”

Happiness Hill also introduced major happiness-centred projects and initiatives that seek to achieve the objectives of the Happiness Agenda and make Dubai the smartest and happiest city on earth. The projects explore the needs and requirements of happiness, covering basic as well as intellectual and emotional needs, and introduce Smart Dubai’s Happiness Project Smart Evaluation Tool.

The Happiness and Positivity Champions shared their stories and experiences with creating happiness, which they learned at the training programme that took place at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida, and enlisted 30 Champions from various Dubai Government entities.

Colonel Dr Saeed Al Mazloum, Director of Dubai Police Dealers Department said: “Happiness is a goal that the UAE has valued since the days of His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founding Father of the UAE. It is a goal that we, at Dubai Police, adopt as well. We applaud Smart Dubai’s efforts, which helped us establish a ‘Happiness Council’ inside our department to prioritise customer and employee satisfaction, relying on accurate surveys to monitor our performance and progress in that regard.”

On a similar note, Dr Mansoor Habib said: “The visit to the Disney Institute taught us new and effective ways to maintain communication and quality services for our clients, tapping into emotional intelligence to personalise services and meet customers’ expectations. Despite the fact that Disney’s field of work is quite different from ours, the training programme still inspired us with innovative ideas and new practical approached to solving problems and spreading happiness among our customers.”

For her part, Rawda Al Falahi, Senior Manager of Smart Services at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), said: “By nominating me to serve as Happiness and Positivity Champion for the department, DEWA has demonstrated its commitment to customer and employee satisfaction. The training programme at the Disney Institute has broadened our scope with regards to practices and services that ensure customer satisfaction, and introduced us to a host of assessment tools that help us launch new services and turn challenges into opportunities to strengthen bonds with customers.”