July 2017

DP Headquarters Get An Inspirational Make-over

Photo Source: The National

Experts agree than an organisation’s work environment can have a direct and influence on the experience of employees and customers. Employees who are happy with their work environment tend to be more productive, deliver higher quality work, and give better customer service.

Dubai Police (DP) has recognized that the benefits of a positive work environment extends to police work, too. In keeping with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make Dubai the happiest city on earth, Dubai Police is committed to ensuring that your interactions with Dubai Police are happy ones.

This week, Dubai Police have announced the next stage of their transformation, with the unveiling of their newly redesigned Al Muraqqabat headquarters, which have been optimized to promote a happy work environment.

The Dubai Police Headquarters received a make-over with new offices, meetings rooms and a cafeteria for police offers to refresh their energy. The bright colours and flowers, and inspirational posters promoting positive leadership, energy, success, happiness and confidence, are part of a concept to inspire and motivate officers, reduce stress and spread positive energy.

Col. Mohammad Al Mulla, Director of Total Quality at DP, said “Lots of changes have taken place at Dubai Police Headquarters to create a more positive work environment that encourages police members to be happy while working.”

The transformation of Dubai Police headquarters it the next step in Dubai Police’s ongoing transition to a happiness-focused organization, marked by the deployment of smart technology and customer-centric design, in line with the Happiness Agenda and the Smart Dubai Roadmap.

Customers can already enjoy easy and positive experiences through the Dubai Police app, which allows instant access to over 125 Dubai Police services. Recent upgrades to the app, which already provides accident reporting, neighborhood policing and 999 features, include assistive services in multiple language, and the ability to report double parked cars !

Through its online and in-person services, Dubai Police is showing that interacting with the police in Dubai can truly be a happy experience.

The National