March 2016

Dubai Data Benefits Everyone

Future Technology Week 2016 convened this March 29th to 31st drawing an international crowd of vendors, entrepreneurs and government leaders for an series of discussions on the role of connected technology, information technology and data shaping the future of cities.

Speaking at the second edition of the Big Data Show, part of Future Technology Week, Dubai Data Establishment CEO Younus Al Nasser shared a progress report on the Dubai Data initiative, highlighting how Dubai Data benefits everyone.

Read the full text of Younus Al Nasser’s speech, Dubai Data Benefits Everyone, below:

Dubai Data Benefits Everyone

Good morning. We are meeting a bit earlier today; I hope this means the weekend will be arriving a little sooner too :-)

I am honoured to be addressing you this morning at the second edition of the Big Data Show here in Dubai.

A lot has changed for Dubai’s data initiative since we last met one year ago. I am happy to share our exciting progress with you today.

But first, let me take one step back from ‘Data’ and tell you the story of Smart Dubai, the government initiative leading our smart city transformation, with a pioneering focus on people’s happiness.

In 2014, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the Smart Dubai initiative, with an ambitious mandate to make Dubai the world’s smartest city by 2017.

So we have just one year left.

Guided by the vision of His Highness, we have dedicated our efforts to creating happiness for Dubai’s residents and visitors, powered by technology innovation in all sectors.

Since 2014, we have been consistently focused on people’s happiness. With our strategic partners, we have been enabling and unifying a smart city transformation that is more extensive than any other smart city effort in the world today.

And with every one of our accomplishments — from our first current state analysis to the announcements this month of the Dubai Data Establishment and the Smart Dubai Platform — people’s happiness has been our most important KPI.

Our approach to happiness is rooted in the recognition that measurement is key. Through understanding and measuring people’s happiness, we can design and implement improvements to increase it.

Which brings us to data — the most measurable element of a smart city.

So, now I will talk to you about the Dubai Data Initiative, and the important progress we have made.

Data is at the heart of a smart city, and essential to realising the vision of Smart Dubai, to make Dubai the happiest city on earth.

As we enter a new era defined by the data economy, Dubai is pioneering the opening and sharing of data across all sectors, unlocking exponential value from data, which will directly increase opportunity and impact quality of life.

The work on the Dubai Data Initiative began in November 2014, when His Highness Sheikh Hamdan formed the Open Data Committee, to deliver the Dubai Data strategy framework, law and roadmap.

In October 2015, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed announced the Dubai Data Law, launching the most ambitious and comprehensive data initiative in the world today.

Dubai will be the first city to govern both the opening and sharing of data, and the first to involve both the public and private sector in our citywide data initiative.

And just this month, the Dubai Data Establishment was announced, in accordance with the Dubai Data Law, to guide the implementation of the law and the Dubai Data portal.

Enabled by a sound policy framework that is based on the core principal that data must benefit everyone, and supported by safe and secure data infrastructure, Dubai Data will impact quality of life across all city dimensions: from Smart Economy and Smart Living, to Smart Governance and Smart ICT, to Smart Mobility, Smart Environment and Smart People.

Dubai Data benefits everyone.

I would like to share just a few examples:

Dubai Data benefits entrepreneurs.

Accessing open data made available through the Dubai Data Portal, entrepreneurs will be able to discover new insights or trends that can spark a new idea for product or service.

And as the entrepreneur gets to work on his new idea, primary registries for shared government data means he will only need to submit forms once. So he saves time on the paperwork required to set up his business, grow his team, or manage employee visas.

This means he can spend more time growing his business, meeting potential investors or clients, and getting his product to market faster.

Dubai Data will also benefit families, in many ways. All that paperwork that the entrepreneur can submit once, electronically, means there will be a lot less traffic on the roads. So there’s less congestion at the morning rush hour. That means a father can spend an extra few minutes playing with his kids at breakfast time. And I know every extra minute I get to spend with my kids makes me very happy.

Dubai Data will also help keep our kids healthy and safe. For example, school health data can alert parents to a potential flue or chickenpox outbreak, so we can make sure we get any vaccinations needed ahead of time. Shared medical data can even help emergency responders arrive faster and with the correct medications already handy.

Dubai data benefits city planners, and all those who live an work in the city. Shared infrastructure data means developers are able to streamline services and make sure all infrastructure is maintained to the highest quality at all times. From air quality to the number of available parking spots, city planners are able to monitor and respond to data in real-time, so tenants can live and work in the best environment possible.

Dubai Data will even benefit tourists and business travellers. Open data is an innovation catalyst. As entrepreneurs and businesses across the city use open data to discover new opportunities, the city will become rich with new products and services, improving city experiences and benefiting everyone.

Meanwhile, shared government data will enhance customer service and improve customer experiences at all touchpoints. Service delivery will become more efficient and more seamless, benefitting both customers and providers.

Improved customer experiences across the city will be felt by tourists too. From arrival at the airport; to his stay at any hotel; to a tour trip in the desert, or a night at the theatre, Dubai data will be there in the background making his time in our city more impactful and memorable.

All of these benefits will contribute to making Dubai the happiest city to live in, work in and visit.

The Dubai Data Establishment is leading the most ambitious and comprehensive data initiative globally. With a single vision, to make Dubai the happiest city on earth.

Our efforts are made possible by the committed support of our partners across all sectors. Together, we are already hard at work.

A new data economy is on the horizon, made possible by a culture of data openness and sharing that begins today.

I welcome each of you to join us in our ambitious mission.

Thank you. And I look forward to working with all of you.