March 2016

The Next Leap In Becoming the Happiest City on Earth

Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr announced the Smart Dubai Platform, in partnership with Strategic Partner du, to become the new ‘operating system’ for Dubai - uniting city infrastructure; open and shared data; enabling services; and citywide smart applications.

The Smart Dubai Platform marks Smart Dubai’s next leap forward in becoming the happiest city on earth. In addressing the gathered Strategic Partners and members of the press, Dr. Aisha welcomed the Smart Dubai Platform as the new digital backbone of Smart Dubai.

The New Digital Backbone of Smart Dubai

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, members of the press. It is my honour to welcome you here today and to share this important announcement for the future of our city.

The vision of Smart Dubai has consistently been to make Dubai the happiest city on earth. With a mandate to transform Dubai into the world’s smartest city, our ambition is guided by the belief that people’s happiness - not technology innovation - is our ultimate success indicator.

Collaborating with strategic partners from the private and public sector, we are committed to embracing technology innovation to optimise city resources; integrate daily life services; anticipate risks and protect people and information; and enrich life and business experiences.

Our work spans six citywide dimensions, delivering impact across all sectors and industries: engaging all residents and visitors; fuelling entrepreneurship and global competitiveness; and delivering exceptional quality of life in a culturally rich and sustainable environment.

To achieve our ambitious mandate, Smart Dubai has pioneered the most comprehensive smart city blueprint globally, encompassing the full city, not just one sector or district.

We are unifying operations to enable impact across the city: from infrastructure connected through the internet of things; to open and shared data driving insights and innovation; to service enablement powering seamless city experiences; to impactful smart connected services.

In line with our strategic blueprint, we are pleased this morning announce the Smart Dubai Platform, marking the next phase of our citywide transformation.

The Smart Dubai Platform will become the digital backbone for our smart city, uniting city infrastructure, open and shared data, enabling services, and citywide smart applications. The Platform will become the central ‘operating system’ for Dubai, improving efficiency; decision-making; and experiences.

The Smart Dubai Platform will be unlike any other smart city platform operating in the world today. Fully architected through an iterative and collaborative process, the Platform has been designed with the citizen, resident, visitor, investor and government at the center.

We are reshaping the way government services are structured to meet the needs of the customer, rather than the other way around.

Powered by the Smart Dubai Platform, we envision radical enhancements to our city leadership decision-making, operational efficiencies, and daily quality of life. The Smart Dubai Platform will benefit everyone:

For a city planner, directing operational cost-savings into data-driven research and development;

For a mother, checking health data from her child’s school to determine if a flu vaccination is required;

For a father, reviewing household energy consumption to conserve resources and save money for a family vacation;

For a tourist, utilising the live public transportation data to make the most out of his time spent in the city;

And for all commuters, enjoying reduced traffic congestion as more and more services are transacted online.

We are here today not only to announce the Smart Dubai Platform, but to recognise our strategic partner for the delivery and implementation of the platform: du.

As our Strategic Partner for the Smart Dubai Platform, du contributes a thorough understanding of our landmark approach to smart cities, exemplified by the company’s ongoing smart initiatives, continuing investment in smart infrastructure and long-standing support of entrepreneurship and innovation. With du, we are pioneering a new class of public-private partnership.

We recognise that our smart city transformation would not be possible without the commitment of our Strategic Partners and valued collaborators. Only by working together can we achieve the vision, to make Dubai the happiest city on earth.

We are proud to welcome du as our strategic partner, and look forward to witnessing the future of Dubai, powered by the Smart Dubai Platform.

Congratulations to the whole team at du.

And thank you all for your time here today.