February 2016

The Internet of Things: Connections for People’s Happiness

Smart Dubai joined leaders and partners from the public and private sector to review and discuss strategies and opportunities from the Internet of Things, to shape the future of cities.

Hosted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the roundtable conversation was attended by Smart Dubai; the International Telecommunications Union (ITU); du; CISCO; Huawei and Intel. Leaders from each organisation shared insights into the power of the Internet of Things to make life more seamless, safe, efficient and impactful for all city residents and visitors.

The session concluded with a joint declaration supporting the enablement and impact of the Internet of Things platform for cities.

Speaking to the role of cities in harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, Her Excellency Dr. Aisha bin Bishr highlighted Dubai’s commitment to people’s happiness and the value of the Internet of Things in empowering human connections.

Read the full text of Her Excellency Dr Aisha Bin Bishr’s address, Connected Technology to Empower Happiness below:

Connected Technology to Empower Happiness

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to address you today during the World Government Summit.

We are gathered here today, as thought leaders and decision makers, to discuss and learn from our peers the immense potentials that are made possible by the Internet of Things, for the future of cities.

The Internet of Things is reshaping the way cities work, opening the door to increased economic opportunity for all sectors and industries.

As decision makers and business leaders, we recognise the exponential potential of the data that is unlocked by the smart connections powering the Internet of Things: from a transportation administrator resolving sources of congestion; to a building manager selling stored solar power to the citywide grid; to a logistics manager securing valuable cargo, connected devices are enabling cities to be more seamless, safe and efficient than ever before.

A recent report from the McKinsey Institute predicts an economic impact of 11 trillion dollars in the next 10 years from the adoption of Internet of Things technologies, measuring cost-savings and revenue generators across nine sectors.

A similar study undertaken by CISCO and Smart Dubai in 2014 uncovered a 17.2 billion dirham value potential for the public and private sector in Dubai by 2020.

Yet the true value of the Internet of Things does not lie in city coffers or earnings reports, but in the profound impact of connected technologies towards improving sustainable quality of life for all individuals.

The billions of smart connected devices powering the immensely valuable Internet of Things are in turn powering something invaluable — human connections:

From a father spending quality time with his son on the daily drive to school; to an entrepreneur re-investing energy savings into new equipment for her restaurant; to a young man ordering a personalised engagement ring that arrives save and sound.

The Internet of Things is technology in the background, allowing people to move through the city more efficiently, transact services more seamlessly, and benefit from enhanced security, enabling more impactful city experiences for all.

As the landmark initiative charged with Dubai’s smart transformation, the Smart Dubai Office is dedicated to creating happiness, by empowering technology innovations, such as the Internet of Things, to make city experiences more seamless, safe, efficient and impactful for all residents and visitors.

To accomplish our mission, we are radically rethinking how a government structures itself to better serve its people.

Learning from the example of the Internet of Things, Smart Dubai is pioneering a transformative new approach marked by agility and collaboration, that is centered on the needs of our residents and visitors, and informed by citywide data networks.

Collaborating with strategic partners from 9 government entities and 2 smart districts, the Smart Dubai Office is enabling a citywide roadmap of over 500 smart initiatives and services, ranging from smart meters to autonomous vehicles, with many more to come.

Smart Dubai is committed to engaging with the public at every touchpoint. Since April, the Happiness Meter has collected over 1.5 million happiness impressions from customers at over 70 government service centres, 372 service counters, and 78 websites. Through the Happiness Meter dashboard, participating entities are able to reshape service offerings to promote customer happiness at every interaction.

And in October, we announced the Dubai Data initiative, to lead the opening and sharing of city data with the public and private sector. Already our strategic partners are organising, classifying and preparing ready and relevant city data for the Dubai Data portal.

The Dubai Data portal won’t provide solutions; rather it will be a gateway to empowering our leadership to discover the right questions we need to ask, to be able to achieve the greatest impact from our city’s data.

Our ambition is not to publish the most data, but to unlock the most value from data, creating access to opportunity and improved quality of life for all.

We do not undertake these efforts for ourselves only, but also with the ambition that Smart Dubai becomes a global benchmark for smart cities, and a roadmap to smart city transformation for the emerging world.

Working together with our partners from the ITU, we are preparing the first-ever global Smart City Index, to serve as the first internationally standard performance metric and roadmap for existing and emerging smart cities.

Collaborating with local and international partners, Smart Dubai is committed to learning and exchanging best practices for the future of smart cities across the globe.

As His Highness tells us we must work together for the future of the UAE and the happiness of our people.

It is only through collaboration across all sectors that we are able to realise the power of smart connected technologies embedded in the Internet of Things to increase opportunity and improve quality of life for all.

This morning we have signed an agreement with the TRA to affirm our commitment to sharing knowledge and experiences towards accomplishing our shared mandate.

Together, we can achieve the greatest value from the Internet of Things — people’s happiness.