February 2016

Agility and Collaboration for the Future of Cities

Smart Dubai welcomed the publication of the report, Smart Cities for Public Value: Digital Transformation Through Agile Governance — The Case of Smart Dubai at a joint press conference held with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) during the World Government Summit. The report was published by the World Government Summit and available on print during the event and on the event website, here.

Welcoming the publication of the report, Her Excellency Dr. Aisha bin Bishr remarked on the importance of an agile and collaborative approach to citywide transformation and role of knowledge partners such as MBRSG in creating a culture of smart and innovative leadership for the future of Dubai.

Read the full text of Her Excellency Dr Aisha Bin Bishr’s statement on Agility and Collaboration for the Future of Cities below:

Agility and Collaboration for the Future of Cities

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, members of the press.

It is my honour to be with you today, to mark the publication of this landmark report by the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, exploring the impact of our ongoing efforts to transform Dubai to the world’s smartest city.

The report we are launching today, ‘A Smart City for Public Value,’ is a tangible exhibit of our efforts to embrace technology innovation to promote something that is, today, intangible: people’s happiness.

Our commitment to people’s happiness is founded in the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, to make Dubai the happiest city on earth.

We recognise that people do not need technology to be happy. Rather, technology is a tool that enable a city to promote people’s happiness.

By becoming more seamless in how it delivers services; more efficient with its resources; better protect our data and personal safety; and promoting more impactful city experiences for all, the city enables more opportunity for people to pursue what truly matters to them: be it more time with family, starting a new business, participating in a cultural event, or exploring a new destination with friends.

As the government initiative dedicated to overseeing Dubai’s citywide smart transformation, Smart Dubai is committed to enabling innovation in the public and private sectors, contributing more seamless, safe, efficient and impactful city experiences for all residents and visitors.

Since the announcement of Smart Dubai in March 2014, we have embraced a collaborative approach to accomplishing our mandate to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city on earth.

The announcement of the Smart Dubai Office in December 2015 demonstrates our commitment to a collaborative, agile and lean government; breaking down silos to enable our teams to work together for the future of the UAE.

Together with our Strategic Partners, we are working across six citywide dimensions to create new opportunities and improve quality of life for all residents & visitors: leading with smart economy and smart living; enabling smart governance and smart environment; and supporting opportunities for smart mobility and smart people.

Our transformation is well underway. In recent months, we have announced an ambitious roadmap of over 500 smart initiatives and services, of which over 100 are already implemented across the city. Residents and visitors to Dubai today are benefiting from smart initiatives ranging from smart parking to data readiness to district-wide smart control centers.

The Dubai Data Law, announced this October, part of the Dubai Data Initiative from the Smart Dubai Office, lays the foundation for a citywide platform for the exchange of open and shared data between the government, the private sector and entrepreneurs to leverage valuable insights from data to improve and design new services for Dubai. Our goal is not to publish the most data, but to unlock the greatest value from data, creating new opportunities and improving quality of life for all.

Today Smart Dubai has accomplished the first phase of our efforts, laying the foundation for Dubai’s transformation. We look forward to an exciting year ahead as even more initiatives and services are delivered making life easier and happier for all residents and visitors.

Coordinating with partners and people across all sectors, we are able to achieve the flexibility, expertise and community involvement that are essential to achieving our ambitious mandate.

We have had a valuable partner in the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government since Day 1, as our knowledge partners leading the Dubai Smart Cities Forum, a bi-monthly gathering of government decision makers and smart city thought leaders from Dubai and across the globe.

Our journey to the smartest city would not be possible without the lessons and insights from our global peers. We are committed to the exchange of ideas and best practices with smart city program leaders across the globe.

Smart Dubai is committed not only to becoming the world’s smartest city, but also to become a global benchmark and roadmap to smart city transformation, for the emerging world.

We are collaborating with the ITU to develop the first-ever Smart City Index, a unified performance metrics system for smart cities, to guide and evaluate smart city efforts globally.

On our journey to making Dubai the happiest city, a culture of innovation and continual learning is essential to reaching our vision.

For over a decade, the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government has proven its commitment to developing leadership capabilities and readiness for change for the next generation of leaders.

MBRSG’s impressive commitment to research and the expansion of public knowledge is evident in this report, which makes a case for smart city transformation providing invaluable insight for local, regional and international governments who are planning or undergoing a smart transformation.

We hope that this report is the beginning of a new chapter in our long partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government.

Collaborative partnerships for the advancement of our shared knowledge will be essential for our sustained success. We invite all knowledge partners to join with us to support the spread of smart city capabilities both in Dubai, regionally, and across the globe.

Thank you, Dr. Ali Al Marri for your wise leadership on this exciting project.

And thank you all for your time here today.