May 2014


In line with the Smart Dubai vision, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) developed a comprehensive Smart Grid strategy with the aim to connect renewable energy sources and promote environmental initiatives. DEWA has been a Strategic Partner of Smart Dubai since inception in 2014, and through the Smart Grid contributing to making Dubai a smart city.

The Smart Grid consists of three initiatives designed to ensure seamlessly accessible and nonstop connected water and electricity services that meet daily living requirements of supply while enabling monitoring to facilitate smart and environmentally friendly use of resources.

The first Smart Grid initiative aims to integrate renewable energy in form of solar power into houses and buildings. In supporting the leverage of given, and foremost free, energy sources, DEWA encourages environmentally friendly while economically driven behaviour within Dubai. While personal consumption can be covered autonomously through solar panels, DEWA enables to feed surpluses into the common city-wide grid.

Within the second initiative Smart Meters will be installed into private and public spaces. These Meters provide automatic and detailed readings of individual consumption enabling end users to better understand and manage their personal DEWA bills. 200,000 such Smart Meters will be installed and become fully operational by January 2016.

In another, third, initiative, DEWA commits to create an infrastructure for electrically driven vehicles to be charged. Following the environmental initiative to incorporate solar energy into the Dubai grid, this initiative is another green goal DEWA realises.

Through the Smart Grid DEWA is supporting to turn His Highness’ vision into reality by offering new smart initiatives and services to the community of Dubai.

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