August 2016

RTA: Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro, the longest driverless metro system in the world, was launched on 9th September 2009 and was developed as part of a Strategic Integrated Master Plan to facilitate the movement of people within Dubai.

In late 2009, approximately 60K passengers used the Dubai Metro daily, and in 2015, 500K passengers did. Considering the affordability, accessibility, punctuality and safety of Dubai Metro, the 7 fold increase in number of passengers comes as no surprise. For example, the punctuality rate is at 99.8%. Crime and vandalism, which are so common on most Metros around the world, are at near zero level.

According to Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman and Executive Director of RTA, “traffic congestion and pollution would have been much higher than what they are at the current level” if it wasn’t for the Dubai Metro. When you look at the statistics, you know he is right e.g. research shows that 80% of daily metro users do not own cars, which directly implies that the Metro has significantly contributed to reducing road congestion. Moreover, consider the impact of fewer cars on the environment: according to RTA research, the Dubai Metro has helped reduce CO2 emissions by more than 645,000kg/day! The Green impact does not stop there, the metro operates on clean fuel (electric) with advanced features such as regenerative braking, which regenerates electricity while slowing down to fuel other trains in the fleet.

Speaking about the future, Al Tayer mentioned the expansion of the Dubai Metro to service Expo 2020, and other areas such as Dubai Investment Park, Al Furjan, and Jumeirah Golf Estates.