August 2016

DSOA Smart Solutions

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is a free zone that promotes modern technology-based industries and contributes significantly to Dubai’s ambition of transitioning to a Smart City.

DSOA demonstrates it’s Smart City contributions by initiatives such as: 1) Smart Street Lights: In collaboration with Du, DSOA installed Smart Street Lights. Using motion sensors, the IoT technology helped reduce energy consumption and elongates the life of electric bulbs.

2) LED Lighting: DSOA switched 8,000 traditional lights with LED lights, and reduced power consumption by 23%.

3) Sub-surface Irrigation System: In collaboration with Rain Bird, DSOA expects to reduce current irrigation and related operational costs by over 50%, & saving precious water. The newly developed system waters over 3,000 palm trees and DSOA intends to expand the system to drip into all green areas at Dubai Silicon Oasis by 2020.

4) Smart Building Technologies: In collaboration with Du, DSOA installed high-tech sensors within buildings that send real-time data to an energy management center, enabling efficient electricity expenditure and automatic temperature regulation, reducing energy used and costs.

5) Sewage Water Treatment: DSOA generates more than three billion gallons of treated water from the current sewage treatment plant, which has reduced water costs by 70 percent, and saves precious ground water resources.

6) LEED Platinum Certification: DSOA was awarded the distinctive Leadership in the Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) award, scoring the highest in the MENA region.

7) Green Rooftops and Walls: Many DSOA buildings are installing Green Roof tops, as well as landscaping the walls of buildings. With these new initiatives, the total green space within DSO amounts to 950,000 square meters, and by the end of 2016, DSOA aims to increase green rooftops and green walls to a staggering 2,800 square meters and 350 square meters respectively.