December 2015

d3 Smart Tours

During the Internet of Things World Forum held from Dec 6-8th in Dubai, the Dubai Design District (d3) offered guided experience tours highlighting the nearly 20 proof of principle digital city solutions deployed within this greenfield for smart solutions in Dubai. Tours were available to Forum guests in form of bus tours and walking guides, covering many of the smart connected products and services d3 has installed, e.g. connected parking, lighting and waste management, connected law enforcement, and government services, as well as connected class rooms and transportation solutions. One highlight of the Tour, the Command and Control Centre essentially connects all services and providers on site.

The Experience Tour showcased in an impressive fashion the multitude of private sector collaborations d3 has established over the last years. It also revealed how its development phase supports work towards overall economic benefit, environmental sustainability, interconnected ICT infrastructure, and foremost happy citizens.

d3 is working to establish a true smart district, building a dynamic environment aiming to spur industry collaboration along the entire value chain, as well as boost individual living experience: The District is a place where creative talent will find space to live, work and play, where all facilities are seamless and hence efficient, and where innovation and ideas will be born to elevate Dubai and the Middle East design sector to global recognition.

Aside this essential contribution to the Internet of Things World Forum, d3 has been engaged in many different activities 2015 to support and inspire collaboration with design talent globally and in particular within the Arab region. d3’s presentation at the Barcelona Smart City Expo in Spain marked the impact of these efforts, in which the District aimed to showcase the importance of the role of design and innovation within the Middle East’s thriving luxury sector.