May 2016

International award allocated to RTA at Smart Cities Summit

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has been acknowledged for its efforts in smart city transformation by being awarded the “Leadership Award for Outstanding Contribution towards Building Smart Cities Award.” The award was received by Abdullah Ali Al Madani, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector. Al Madani was recognized for his undertaking and achievements, over the past three years, in helping to realize Smart Dubai’s vision of making Dubai the smartest city in the world. The award helps to showcase RTA’s dedication in innovating their services to help realize its initiative to shape a happier UAE.

The announcement of RTA’s honour took place at the Smart Cities Summit & Awards Congress which was hosted in Mumbai India. The event is globally recognized and was attended by 130 countries, all of which are involved in the worldwide smart city movement.

Al Madani acknowledged the achievement by saying, “I don’t see this award as a personal accomplishment, rather a feat for RTA that could only have been possible, thanks to the unlimited support and wise directives of HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA. It also echoes the outstanding performance of team members and committees involved in this project who have spared no effort to achieve tangible results under the plans and directives of RTA and the Government in this regard."

 "RTA is always keen on utilizing the latest technologies to facilitate procedures and e-transactions in order to assert the leadership worldwide in this field, which has become a key pillar of modern life and a prime mover of development aimed at achieving superior quality of life to citizens, residents, tourists and visitors. The achievement also culminates RTA’s tireless efforts in adopting the world’s top technical standards as regards promoting and providing GIS services in a sustainable, seamless and solid manner," further explained Al Madani.

RTA plans on continuing to grow in its efforts in providing seamless and smart services to the populace of Dubai in hopes of effectively improving the quality of life for all citizens, residents, visitors, and tourists alike.