May 2016

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority reduces costs and CO2 emissions with smart waste management system

In its pursuit towards enhancing environmental practices, Dubai Silicon Oasis developed a Smart Waste Management System in Q4 2014. For this purpose, DSO’s Facility Management team installed sensors in garbage bins that would send alerts when the bin was full and needed emptying. With this new technology, garbage collection vehicles would take trips to empty the bins only when full, thus reducing their total number of overall trips leading to lower operating costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Lower costs align with the Smart Dubai vision of smarter business practices giving higher returns to all investors, whilst lowering CO2 emissions gives all residents a cleaner environment. In addition to measuring how full the bin is, the system also gives an overview of the total weight and volume of the waste. Using this data, DSO plans to implement further technologies on how to reduce overall waste in the future. DSO today is monitoring 95 bins through the smart system and aims to increase the number to 120 by the end of 2016.