January 2017

RTA Hosts Workshop to Increase Customer Happiness

In a recent effort to engage with the public and increase happiness in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authorities Dubai Taxi Corporation held a brainstorming workshop for customers. The workshop centered around customer happiness and gave the opportunity for clients to share their ideas and feedback directly with RTA. Among customers, the workshop was also attended by directors and managers from Dubai Taxi Corporation.

Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Director of Resources & Support, DTC, said: "The workshop discussed several aspects of DTC's key services such as the standard taxi, limo, Mashaweer, In-safe hands and school transport services. The most frequent users of DTC services contributed several ideas, which will be discussed in order to leverage the services of DTC and meeting the needs and expectations of clients.”

"RTA's third strategic goal (People Happiness) has become a practice as clients are linked with current and future plans and projects intended to meet the needs of clientele and foster happiness and positivity in the work environment. "The DTC is keen on familiarising with all innovative ideas and solutions in the field of mobility, and implementing them in a way that enhances the global profile of Dubai, particularly as transport has become one of the key challenges facing communities today," said Al Meer.

RTA’s efforts to interact and gain insight from customers acts as an important measure to help entities improve and innovate services to better meet the client needs. The workshop falls in line with Smart Dubai’s vision of transforming Dubai into the happiest city of earth, as well as aiding in Dubai Plan 2021, which focuses on the happiness of residents within the city.

Source: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/nation/dubai/dubai-taxi-brainstorms-with-customers-to-boost-happiness