February 2016

Deliveroo Brings 5-Star Dining Home in the UAE

Eating in is getting easier and easier in Dubai.

Deliveroo, Dubai’s newest delivery service leveraging the gig-economy service model, is delighting customers and boosting restaurant’s bottom lines, delivering meals from premium restaurants — especially those who don’t normally deliver — in under 30 minutes.

The London-based startup began operations in Dubai earlier this year, and is sitting up offices in the city to manage the rapid expansion of its precision delivery service.

Deliveroo’s astonishing success is driven by data science optimising every step of the journey, delivering benefits to restaurants and customers. The company’s in-house team of data scientists run simulations on Deliveroo’s own software to better understand new geographies, and are constantly re-testing its core routing algorithm that decides how to pick the right driver to deliver an order.

In Dubai, that means delivery isn’t slowed down by new roads or districts opening and shifting driving patters. For example, Deliveroo began services Dubai Design District in early February — long before most commuters had even learned the most efficient routes in an out of their new offices.

Deliveroo’s dedication to data science as a tool to enhance customer experiences compliments Smart Dubai’s vision for people’s happiness, powered by Dubai data benefitting everyone. As the Dubai Data Establishment continues to lead the implementation of the Dubai Data Law and Dubai Data Portal, cultivating a new culture of data sharing and data science in the city, companies such as Deliveroo will be essential to achieving our vision.

With its team of data scientists optimising operations, Deliveroo is not just delivering top-notch food in record time: it is boosting Dubai’s data-driven economy and elevating data science expertise in the city, benefiting everyone.

Deliveroo is available from the App Store and online at deliveroo.ae. A standard delivery charge of 7AED applies to all orders. Restaurants and drivers interested in participating in Deliveroo’s delivery network can also contact the company from the website.

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