August 2015

Public private partnerships in Dubai increase smart city potential

Dubai is known as a city of collaboration. Over the past years many public private partnerships have been formed and have contributed to the enormous overall growth of the cities ICT and infrastructure. For example, telecom provider du partnered with Dubai to support smart streetlights, parking and buildings as well as partnering up with the UAE to support WiFi-UAE.

Through partnerships between the public and private sectors, expertise, experience and resources of these two drivers of economy are combined and allow to provide better value for money invested into large projects. In Dubai PPPs have created efficient and productive working relationships between sectors, which will be the base for more collaboration supported through better legislation and policies introduced for the city within 2015 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Leveraging PPPs has recently been acknowledged to introduce essential advantages for smart city movements as the burden of infrastructure cost is shared, and smart solutions can be implemented from the drawing board into entire districts. Further more, by collaborating with e.g. telecom providers, or other smart service providers, the city can ensure seamless integration into the end user experience. A private sector orgranisation having a tangible stake in the ICT infrastructure may spur enhanced maintenance and servicing of these particular areas, while allowing to monetise the investment in the long term, potentially increasing total market share.

See also Smart Dubai’s Smart District Guidelines to read more about how smart infrastructure is supported from the drawing board within the city.