April 2016

2 Million Meals and Thousands of Happy Customers for Zomato

Image credit: UAE Murals for Zomato

If your car has been gathering dust in the garage all weekend, you are not alone. Since Zomato launched its online food delivery ordering service 9 months ago, the company has delivering over 2 million meals to many thousands of happy customers.

The current success of the service was not without bumps and hiccups: the company spent much of the past year continually refining and improving the user journey, with a constant focus on delivering the best possible end-to-end experience for its customers and business partners.

On reaching the 2 million milestone this week, Zomato co-founder Pankaj Chaddah takes a look back at the past year of challenges and successes of the new online ordering service, spotlighting key learnings from the experiences of Zomato customers, business partners and team members.

Writing on the company blog, Chaddah said, “In any business, you are only as good as your customers think you are. We hustle for every single customer’s issue, and make sure that we minimise our order failure rate — that number is well below 0.5% now.

One truth we learned very early on is that apart from the usual stuff, there’s literally any number of things can go wrong with an order despite everyone’s best efforts. And it’s up to us to make things right.

Something we’ve been doing since the very beginning in situations that hit rock-bottom with customers is to send them a care package, with a personalised handwritten note. It’s a small gesture that makes a big difference.”

Zomato’s longstanding commitment to customer happiness, from delightful user experiences to attentive customer service, directly contributes to our vision to make Dubai the happiest city on earth, through technology innovation.

By focusing on delightful customer experiences across all industries and sectors, we can all contribute to the our vision for people’ s happiness.

Zomato is available on the App Store and Google Play and online at zomato.ae.

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