November 2016


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Most Dubai residents are familiar with Careem; the local, smart, friendly, and reliable, on-demand, taxi and limousine booking service. Just a few clicks and taps, and Careem will pick you up and take you safely to where you need to be.

Ameera has recently been introduced to the Dubai market, as Careem’s female counterpart. This service is the result of a joint partnership between Careem, the Dubai Taxi Company (DTC), and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and demonstrates how the private and public sectors can collaborate to fuel Dubai’s smart transformation.

By women and for women, Ameera (which means princess in Arabic) matches female captains with VIP female riders, who are looking for an additional layer of premium hospitality, safety, privacy, and comfort on their rides. Ameera also tailors to some of the unique cultural sensitivities that may affect some of Dubai female residents and visitors, providing a great example of how Dubai’s homegrown startups can take global ideas and reshape them with a local twist.

Understanding the needs of the today’s always-connected commuter, each vehicle is equipped with WIFI and phone chargers, integrates seamlessly with the riders Etisalat and Emirates accounts (for discounts and loyalty points), and rolls into your driveway with tinted windows, air-conditioning, and a few bottles of water- a much appreciated gesture during the summer.

For now, Ameera consists of a fleet of 15 trained female captains from the DTC’s “Ladies and Families Taxi” service- easily distinguishable by their pink roofs. While the pink taxi’s are limited to airport pickup and drop off services, Ameera is able to reach a larger userbase and is operational throughout the city.

By working closely on such an initiative, Careem, the DTC, and RTA are able to expand on the services they offer individually, and provide a stronger, smarter, localized and collaborative mobility solution for the residents of Dubai.

Feeling a little left out as a man? Don’t worry too much- men can also enjoy the luxury and convenience of an Ameera ride if accompanied by a female rider.