July 2016

New Park Assist System at Mall of the Emirates Means You’ll Never Lose Your Car Again

Remember the last time you were driving from Barsha to Media City for a meeting? A 15-minute drive to these business hubs can turn into a hour-long quest for parking, distressing your team and inconveniencing your client or business partner. Responding to an irksome situation, new smart services are popping up throughout the city to help you locate an available parking spot in minutes — or book one ahead of time!


A quick scan of architecture in Dubai reveals that the first several stories of most buildings are actually parking garages, and many are filled with empty spaces. Lucky motorists who know a tenant in the building might be able to wrangle a long-term rental agreement, but the rest of us are stuck circling the block.

A new online platform launched by Adza Digital, Park Key, allows motorists to search for available spots in buildings close to their offices that have available spots for rent. Parking lot owners, including hotels, can list their spaces through the Park Key platform and set competitive monthly and long-term rates.

Park Key currently operates in Dubai and Sharjah and prices for a parking spot vary on average from AED 395 to AED 525 per month with a refundable security deposit of AED 200. Park Key is also currently in talks with RTA to launch the service on an hourly basis.

RTA Smart Parking App

For those who traveling for meetings during they day, a hefty chunk of valuable time is lost to the hunt for parking. By leveraging connected technology and the data generated from their parking meters across the city, the new RTA Smart Parking App now identifies available parking spots in nearby RTA parking garages.

Coverage will soon expand beyond RTA garages: Emaar has recently partnered with RTA to enable app users to identify vacant spots in Dubai Mall. Residents and visitors can look forward to a future of arriving at the mall and driving directly to an available parking spot, cutting back on endless orbiting and congestion in the garages.

Users are taking to the app — it has been downloaded over 120,000 times in its first 6 month, and over 284,000 transactions have already taken place.

Drivers on the hunt for parking spots are not the only ones benefitting from these new services: studies suggest that as much as 30% of congestion on city streets is caused by people looking for parking.

Park Key and RTA Smart Parking are offering simple, elegant solutions that can immediately reduce one of the primary causes of stress in our day to day lives. As internet of things technology expands across the city, we look forward to even more solutions making our lives easier and happier in Dubai.