June 2016

New Park Assist System at Mall of the Emirates Means You’ll Never Lose Your Car Again

Dubai is famous for the scale of its malls — and also for the size of its mall parking garages. Many Dubai residents and visitors can tell stories of losing their car in mall parking lots: searching up and down the wrong aisle, sometimes the wrong floor or even the wrong garage.

Mall of the Emirates, one of the city’s most popular malls, boasting an indoor ski slope and a 4D cinema, has over 8,000 parking spaces — and a bright new solution for frazzled shoppers. To combat the problem of lost cars, Mall of the Emirates, which is managed by Majid Al Futtaim group, has recently introduced the Park Assist system. Using innovative technology including M4 sensors and smart kiosks, Park Assist lets shoppers find their car in minutes — saving time and reducing stress for mallgoers.

The Park Assist sensors are installed above every parking spot in the mall’s 5-story garage. In addition to its powerful sensors, the devices are ringed by led lights that shine green when a parking spot is available, and red when the spot is taken. These highly-visible lights make it very easy to see available spots, saving mall-goers from endlessly driving up and down aisles just trying to find a space.

Once you are finished shopping (or skiing, eating or taking in a movie), finding a parked car with Park Assist is extremely simple. Mall visitors first need to enter their car plate number in one of the several kiosks installed around the parking lot. Park Assist will then locate the car, take a photo of it and display it on the kiosk screen so the visitor can confirm it is indeed their car that is being located. Once confirmed a detailed map will show the exact location of the car.

Apart from Mall of the Emirates, Park Assist is currently operational in two other malls in Dubai: City Centre Diera and City Centre Mirdiff. The system is also in place at City Centre Bahrain, which is also managed by MAF goup.

The time savings that directly result from services like Park Assist, launched by the private sector, are already boosting people’s happiness. As more entities adopt these solution to improve experiences for their customers, we look forward to an even more seamless and efficient city contributing to Dubai’s smart transformation.