January 2017

The UAE Food Bank to combat food wastage

As the year 2016 came to an end, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced that 2017 will be the ‘Year of Giving’. On that theme, HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the much needed UAE Food Bank in early January 2017.

The Food Bank is ‘essentially an ecosystem improving the efficiency of food storage, packaging, and distribution. It will partner with food producers such as hotels, restaurants and supermarkets and farms to store, package and distribute excess fresh food effectively’.

Dubai Municipality will distribute fresh food to those in need, and possibly resell them at discounted rates. Whereas expired or inedible food will be recycled through industry. The following are some ways in which food can be recycled:
— Through a process known as ‘In-vessel composting’, food can be recycled into ‘soil conditioner’ that can be used to grow new crops.
— Food can be processed into ‘Biogas’ and this gas can be used to generate electricity, heat, or be used as transport fuel.
— Recycled food can be used to create bio-fertilizer that can be used as a fertilizer in farming and land regeneration.

Lastly, UAE’s economy will benefit from the cause by reducing the annual AED 13 billion in food loss, which can be redirected to benefit other social sectors.

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