The report was built with a robust methodology to reflect Dubai’s unique needs and strategic plans.

This is a dynamic executive report built to evaluate global research, select exemplary cities, extract and rank best practices and identify opportunities for Dubai’s smart city initiative. The methodology deployed can be explored below.
To process all smart city benchmark reports, studies and media coverage, we applied a filtration method to ensure we used on those that are new, global and reliable.
Source Report
ATKearney Global Cities Index
Grosvenor Resilient Cities
Economic Intelligence Unit Most Competing Cities
Economic Intelligent Unit Global Liveability Ranking
Mercer Best Cities in the World for Infrastructure
Martin (Tolerance Martin Prosperity Institute) Top Cities for Technology Talent
UBM's future cities Greatest Internet Cities
Siemens Siemens Green City Index
IESE Report Cities in Motion Index
PwC Cities Of Opportunities
2thinknow Innovation Cities Index
Mercer Quality Of Living
UN Habitat City Prosperity Index
EU 2020 EU 2020
EU Parliament Policy Department Mapping Smart Cities in EU
We applied a weighted, point-based system to adjust smart city rankings in the reports we selected to reflect relevance to Smart Dubai Dimensions and Strategy.
Rank City
1 New York City
2 London
3 Toronto
4 Vancouver
5 Tokyo
6 Vienna
7 Zurich
8 Hong Kong
9 Stockholm
10 Singapore
  1. We identified and gathered 76 best practices in our Top 10 cities.

  2. 69 best practices were then considered from other cities that did not fall into our Top 10 cities ranking, but were marked as worth highlighting.

  3. Best practices were then filtered in terms of quality and tagged as either existing or planned initiatives in the context of Dubai’s smart city plan.

  1. Best practices were ranked in terms of relevance to Smart Dubai dimensions, their innovation level, to calculate overall rankings.

  2. The best practices ranked at 4 and 5 in either category were identified as high potential best practices.

    Methodology used to determine High Potential best Practices: Initiative does not exist today in Dubai; initiative is not planned as per the current-state report — or is planned but can be further enhanced, and initiative is ranked overall as 5 or 4.

  3. Within the Top 10 cities, 46 best practices were identified. Of these, 39 were classified as high potential and opportunity for Dubai.

  4. Other than the Top 10 cities, 18 additional best practices were identified, with 15 classified as high potential and opportunity for Dubai.

  1. All best practices were evaluated and rated for relevance to Smart Dubai dimensions and innovation strategy.

  2. Within the Top 10 cities, we identified 46 best practices (39 of them were classified high potential and opportunity to Dubai).

  3. 16 additional high potential and opportunity best practices were shortlisted from other cities.